How To Tackle Fussy Eaters

For parents and professionals



How to tackle fussy eaters

Meal times can be really challenging for many parents as they try to get their kids not only to sit still for a meal but to eat one that's relatively healthy.

There are strategies that can help!

Workshop overview:
1. Provide an overview of feeding problems among children with ASD
2. Review your child's current feeding problems
3. Discuss the importance of a mealtime routine
4. Develop a treatment plan for food selectivity/texture preferences
5. Develop a treatment plan for difficulties sitting at the table
6. Develop a treatment plan for eating too quickly
7. Develop a treatment plan for over eating


A note from the presenter...

Hi, I’m Gemma Gilmour and I have been studying and working in the field of autism and behaviour analysis for over a decade.

I am passionate about training parents; there is no one more motivated and readily available to help a child than a parent. I want parents to feel confident and in control so they can enjoy their children.