How To Get Your Child To Listen With Reward Charts

For parents and professionals



How to get your child to listen with reward charts

Do you find yourself nagging your kids?? Feel like you are talking to a brick wall?? Or are you having to deal with multiple moans/protests/tantrums whenever you place demands on your child?? What about getting through home schooling and maintaining your child's attention to tasks....???

Up-skill yourself and teach your child that it's in their best interest to cooperate with you using token economy systems (AKA reward charts).

Workshop overview:
1) The use of reward charts (technical term - token economy systems)
2) (For younger children) introduce a simplified token economy system for activities or routines.
3) The steps on how to implement a token economy system
4) Token training
5) Additional suggestions for using a token system
6) Discuss fines and response cost systems
7) Discuss how to fade the token system


A note from the presenter...

Hi, I’m Gemma Gilmour and I have been studying and working in the field of autism and behaviour analysis for over a decade.

I am passionate about training parents; there is no one more motivated and readily available to help a child than a parent. I want parents to feel confident and in control so they can enjoy their children.