How To Tackle Toilet Training

For parents and professionals



How to tackle toilet training

Toilet training can seem like a daunting task to many parents. But if your child is autistic, the process of developing a toilet routine can take longer, and often involve its own particular challenges. 

Workshop overview:

1) An overview of toileting problems in children with ASD

2) Assess your child's current voiding patterns and behaviours as well as your concerns

3) Toilet training steps

4) How to teach initiation

5) Bowel movement training

6) Address refusal to sit on the toilet

7) Address nappy rituals

8) Address bed-wetting

9) Develop a plan for you

A note from the presenter...

Hi, I’m Gemma Gilmour and I have been studying and working in the field of autism and behaviour analysis for over a decade.

I am passionate about training parents; there is no one more motivated and readily available to help a child than a parent. I want parents to feel confident and in control so they can enjoy their children.