Verbal Behaviour - How Can I help My Child Communicate?

For parents and professionals



Verbal behaviour – How can it help my child communicate better?

How do you teach your child to communicate meaningfully?

Can your child label lots of items but doesn't seem to know how to request for things they want?

Can you child answer questions about items that they can't see? 

Can they copy what you say/do?

What about their listener responding? Can your child follow your verbal instructions e.g. "go upstairs and brush your teeth"

This workshop will explain how we can teach children language from a behavioural perspective. We'll be diving into Skinner's analysis of Verbal Behaviour to understand how we can teach a child the function of a word, or the whole concept of a word. 

A note from the presenter...

Hi, I’m Gemma Gilmour and I have been studying and working in the field of autism and behaviour analysis for over a decade.

I am passionate about training parents; there is no one more motivated and readily available to help a child than a parent. I want parents to feel confident and in control so they can enjoy their children.